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How To Get Free Domain Name For Starting Free Websites LifeTime?

How to Get Free Domain Name For LifeTime?

How to Get Free Domain Name, Absolutely Free For LifeTime ?

Are you a beginner ? Do you want to start website but you don't have domain? Are you searching for websites which provides free domain? Do you want start free website using free domain?
Don't worry ! I am providing you a best way to buy a domain which is absolutely free.

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Now a days, so many beginners starts their websites through trialing. They just want to learn how to develop websites and how to monetize it. For learning process there is madness if anyone spending cost to buy a domain name and hosting. Someone didn't get free domain lifetime. I knows not everyone can afford cost of free domain and hosting together. Because now a days, Buying a domain name and hosting is too costly. But don't worry, here is a solution to above, I am providing a sites and method to buy a free domain absolutely free lifetime.

There are so many websites which are providing free domain such as infinityfree.net , 000webhost.com , blogger.com , wordpress.com etc. But some of the above are providing domain with a subdomain, i.e for a blogger, it provides example.blogspot.com or in WordPress example.wordpress.com. But some websites such as Freenom.Com provide full absolutely free domain as we want. Such as example.tk, example.gq, example.cf, etc.

So I am telling you step by step how to get free domain name from Freenom absolutely free lifetime.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phone book of the internet. Every time you visit a website or send an email, your computer performs a DNS lookup. Freenom World ensures these lookups are done faster, anonymous and more secure. Freenom World is free to use by everyone in the world. Millions of internet users are already using Freenom World.

Unlike other DNS providers, like large advertising networks, Freenom does not store any IP addresses in its log files. Log files are kept for statistical reasons only and exclude any IP addresses or other personal identifiable information.

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Usually, Freenom provides us free domain name of .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq, etc absolutely free but for only 12 months. After this you must renewed this domain name and must pay cheap cost for it. Freenom also provide .com, .in, .net, .org, .eu, .info etc in cheap price compare to all other.

For more Information about Freenom, Click Here....

Get Free Domain Name From Freenom Absolutely Free

  1. Visit www.freenom.com.

  2. Free Domain name

  3. Now, Enter the domain name you want in the text box appears in screen and click on Enter or Check Availability. Remember that the searched domain name doesn't contain any space.

  4. Free Domain name

  5. Now, the next page will appears on screen which shows available domain names for your searched free domain names. Choose any number of domain by clicking on Get it now button.

  6. Free Domain name

  7. Then, new web page will be occurs having all of your selected domains. If you want to unselect you may do it. And finally click on checkout button.

  8. Free Domain name

  9. Now, if you want to connect hosting, you may use option DNS and connect with your hosting. ( I will later tell about it clearly. ). And then choose period for how much time you want this domain name free. Maximum period you must choose for free domain is 12 Months. After selection period, click on Continue for next step.

  10. Free Domain name

  11. After cliked on Continue, the page will open. And it contains all details about cost which is zero dollor, period etc. If you have a already account with Freenom you may sign in or if you haven't that time Enter your mail and click on Verify My Email Address.
    The verification mail will be sent on your entered mail address.

  12. Free Domain name

  13. Later open your Email and search for mail received from Freenom and open link given in the mail.

  14. New page will be opened, and now fill up all of your details in the displaying form. And Agree terms and conditions and then finally click on Complete Order.

  15. Free Domain name

  16. And then finally, you had got your free domain name for your selected period of time. But remember that you must connect it with your hosting.

  17. If you want to see your Free domain names brought from Freenom, click on Service tab from upper right menu and choose My Domains. Your brought list will be appears on screen.

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